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Getting to know Meshach Kennedy

Meshach Kennedy

Derby football

Meshach Kennedy has a name that you don't forget. Not just because it isn't a common first name, but because of his athletic ability. Kennedy is the starting safety and along with cornerback Devin Hedgepeth helps form one of the area's best secondaries.

But football isn't the only place he excels. He is also the current Class 6A champion in the 110-meter hurdles.

What do you enjoy most about playing safety?

"I like to clean up. I like it when its me versus the running back either trying to see who can get to the corner the fastest or who is going to win in the open field."

Derby had a really successful season last year. How have you been able to continue being so successful after losing so many key players?

"We've just kept with the same game plan. Our backups got to see some playing time last year and that helped. They've stepped up now that they are starters."

Does being a track runner help you with football?

"It has its advantages and disadvantages. It helps with my form and helps with getting faster, but it also hurts because as a safety I have to take short choppy steps and when I run, I take long strides. Overall, it helps."

Which sport is your favorite?

"I just really love track and enjoy it more. It's more of a challenge. I like football, too, but track gives me a rush."

Outside of sports, what do you like to do?

"I'm always hanging out with friends, either going to the movies or playing video games. My friends and I get together and play 'Resident Evil' or 'Halo.' We're all pretty good. We make a good team."