High School Sports

Rose Hill's Mayes sets himself for state track

Rose Hill LaQua Mayes’ strategy was to get out the blocks as fast as possible and hope to hold off the pack. He just wanted to qualify for the Class 4A meet. He figured by then, he would be in prime position to compete.

Mayes was the fastest out of the blocks in the 100-meter dash and held the lead until about the halfway mark. Morgan Burns cruised by him to finish the race take the regional championship in 10.76 and Maize South’s Brendan Criner (11.15) just edged Mayes (11.17) out to take second.

He didn’t win the regional meet, but he put himself in position to accomplish his ultimate goal.

“A lot of people don’t know that I’m hurt,” Mayes said. “I haven’t ran for like two weeks. I’m not upset that I got third, because I know that I will be better for state. My strategy is to get out and hopefully I can hold them off. I might not have the stop speed as some of these guys, but I have better quickness.”

Mayes tweaked his hamstring in the last 15 meters of the Goddard invitational’s 100-meter finals trying to run down Valley Center’s Joe Fisher. Mayes can see the light at the end of the tunnel and will do everything therapeutically possible to heal up before the state meet to better compete with the likes of Burns.

Burns not only won the 100-meter dash with ease, but he cruised to a first-place 200 victory and he was about a second and a half faster than the closest competitor in 400, running a 50.45. Since Fisher moved up to Class 5A he doesn’t have his usual sprinting rivalry, but he still has motivation to succeed.

“I’m running for god. That has been my biggest motivation,” Burns said. “It is fun. I’m just out here trying my best. I have great coaches too. So I’m going to see what happens at state.”

El Dorado’s defending Class 4A champions made sure to qualify for the again. Molly Milbourn, the defending 1600 and 3200 champion placed first in both

events. Per usual she left a huge gap between her and the second-place finisher, but the senior distance runner would like to take down her personal record.

Milbourn set a PR of 5:01 last season at the Kansas Relays and ran a 5:03.92 in the state meet. Her 1600 time at the regional meet was 5:16, and her best time this season was a 5:12.

“PR-ing at state is definitely a big goal,” Milbourn said. “Right now it’s just keeping my third and fourth laps on the mile down. My first lap I get out fast, but I have to keep the pace up for my third and fourth laps. That’s what is hurting me right now and stopping me from getting down to my PR.”

Defending Class 4A pole vault champion Jaimie House dominated the Winfield regional. Her jump of 11-06 was six inches higher than second-place

finisher Emily Rowland from Andale. House jumped a 12-01 to take the 4A title last season.


3200 relay_ Rose Hill (Anderson, Decker, Bradley, Slade) 10:11.83; Ulysses (Branscum, Chisolm, Calderwood, Rodriguez, Barlow) 10:26.59; Hugoon (goode, Hamlin, Kinser, Hoskinson) 10:33.73; El Dorado (Anders, Clites, Hadley, Saltsman) 10:33.76. 100 hurldes_ Tjaden, Clearwater, 15.24; Grubbs,

Maize South, 15.71; Mertens, Kingman, 15.73; Hoover, Pratt, 15.88. 100_ Grubbs, Maize South, 12.67; Allen, Mulvane, 12.81;f Needham, Cheney, 12.82; Simon, Andale, 12.84. 1600_ Milbourn, El Dorado, 5:16.49; Poynter, Maize South, 5:28.71; Becker, Pratt, 5:30.76; Buffum, Winfield, 5:51.35. 400 relay_ Andale (Rowland, Simon, Emberson, Lies) 50.31; Wellington (Adams, Page, Ditch, Campbell) 50.85; Mulvane (Weaver, Melick, Amber Allen, Alex Allen) 50.86; Pratt (Reh, Hoover, Staats, Domann) 51.61. 400_ Needham, Cheney, 58.38; Staats, Pratt, 59.90; Grubs, Maize South, 1:00.20;

Slade, Rose Hill, 1:00.23. 300 hurdles_ Grubbs, Maize South, 46.64; Tjaden, 47.35; House, El Dorado, 47.72; Hoover, Pratt, 47.99. 800_ Milbourn, El Dorado, 2:22.12; Poynter, Maize South, 2:27.30; Staats, Pratt, 2:28.72; Bradley, Rose Hill, 2:29.09. 200_ Needham, Cheney, 26.89; Campbel, Wellington, 27.64; Grubbs, Maize South, 27.29; Simon, Andale, 27.56. 3200_Milbourn, El Dorado 11:23.23; Becker, Pratt 12:07.46; Romine, Pratt, 12:27.93; Trumble, Maize South, 12:30.97 . 1600 relay_ .Cheney (Holt, Dewey, Teague, Needham) 4:11.02; Andale ((Emberson, Pletcher, Orth, Ast) 4:13.27; Mulvane (Weaver, Burkhart, Melick, Allen) 4:16.09; Pratt (Staats, Becker, Reh, Domann) 4:16.11. High jump_ .Mumma, Clearwater, 5-02; Bohm, Trinity, 5-00, Lewellen, Wellington, 4-10; Robinson, Cheney 4-10. Pole vault_ House, El Dorado, 11-06; Rowland, Andale, 11-0; Friedrichs, Andale, 10-06; Shiach, Andale, 10-00. Long jump_ Braeunlich, Rose Hill, 16-05 ½; Walthers, Circle, J16-05 ½; Ortiz, Kingman, 16-03 ¾; Reh, Pratt,

16-01 3/4. Triple jump_ Kinser, Hugoton, 35-11 ¼; Lies, Andale, 35-02 ½; Ortiz, Kingman, 34-09 ½; Eck, Andale,34-05 ¾. Discus_ . Javelin_ Orton, Circle, 119-10; Justice, Rose Hill, 113-11; Tjaden, Clearwater, 11-10; Hotl, Cheney, 108-08. Shot put_ Britton, Ulysses, 40-04 ½; Govert, Kingman, 34-02 ½; Wright, Circle, 33-10 ½; Jenson, Pratt, 33-04 3/4.


3200 relay_El Dorado (Haines, Harvey, Nightengale, Nuckolls) 8:13.72; Hugoton (McLain, Hittle, Watkins, Weaver) 8:15.50; Maize South (Williams, Green, Wondra, Daniels) 8:19.81; Ulysses (Zerr, Widder, Galindo, Mendoza) 8:24.01 . 100 hurldes_ Wisdom, Augusta 15.04; Martin, Rose Hill, 15.21; Nickelson, Clearwater, 15.21; Jarnagin, Ulysses, 15.46. 100_Burns, Trinity, 10.76; Criner, Maize South, 11.15; Mayes, Rose Hill, 11.13; Seidel, Pratt, 11.25 . 1600_ .Landes, Mulvane, 4:28.08; Martin, Andale, 4:28.38; Nightengale, El Dorado, 4:30.67; Jimenez, Hugoton, 4:32.12 400 relay_Rose Hill (Mayes, Marting, Pearson, Kinnick) 43.18; Andale (Staab, T. Horsh, Staats, R. Horsch) 44.01; Prat (McClain, Eggelston, Callaway, Seidel) 44.95; Ulysses (Rodriguez, Jarnagin, Sandoval, Annis) 45.05 . 400_ Burns, Trinity, 50.45; Shaffer, Rose Hill, 52.02; Criner, Maize South, 52.59; Williams, Maize South, 52.64. 300 hurdles_ Nickelson, Clearwater, 39.66; Horsch, Andale, 40.41; Martin, Rose Hill, 40.69; Maydew, Pratt, 40.73. 800_ Martin, Andale, 2:00.02; Hanna, Winfield, 2:00.32; Weaver, Hugoton, 2:00.62; Nuckolls, El Dorado, 2:00.93. 200_ Burns, Trinity, 23.25; Annis, Ulysses, 23.40; Sizemore, Clearwater, 23.13; Criner, Maize South, 23.13. 3200_ Landes, Mulvane, 9:33.04; Jimenez, Hugoton, 9:56.27; Weber, Rose Hill, 10.:00.33; Nightengale, El Dorado, 10:03.731600 relay_ Rose Hill (Martin, Mays, Decker, Shaffer) 3:26.71; Maize South (Williams, Daniels, Criner, Wondra) 3:31.49; Trinity (Funk, Alexander, Brewer, Burns) 3:31.77; Pratt (McClain, Maydew, Swank, Seidel) 3:32.61. High jump_ Graber, Maize South, 6-09.00; Budda, Augusta, 6-02; Mays, Rose Hill, J6-02; Miller, Trinity, 6-02. Pole vault_ Dewey, Cheney, 14-00; Rowland, Andale, 13-06; Knight, Rose Hill, J13-06; Ungles, Andale, 13-00. Long jump_ Kinnick, Rose Hill, 21-05 ¼; Nickelson, Clearwater, 20-09 ½’ Gardinier, Circle 20-08 ¾; Annis, Ulysses, 20-04 ½. Triple jump_ Proctor, Winfield, 43-08 ½; Rinke, Clearwater, 4208 ½; Hubener, Cheney, 41-02 ¼; Gardinier, Circle, 40-11. Discus_ Groene, Winfield, 192-04; Foltz, Rose Hill, 167-04; Goldsmith, Cheney, 157-09; Swank, Pratt, 151-05. Javelin_ Gardinier, Circle, 191-02; Groene, Winfield, 177-04; Hubener, Cheney, 177-00; Pote, Cheney, 166-07. Shot put_ Bergkamp, Kingman, 50-06; Bowman, Clearwater, 50-04 ½; Thompson, Maize South, 48-07; Stegman, Hugoton, 46-08 1/2.