High School Sports

Getting to know Gina Cernohous of Andover Central Swimming

Cernohous, a senior, will be competing at the Class 5-1A swimming meet today and Saturday at Topeka's Hummer Sports Complex. She finished second in 5-1A in the 200 individual medley and the 100 backstroke last spring. She plans to swim at Northern Colorado.

Coach Jarred Gaskill said you pretty much eat and sleep swimming. Is that true?

"I love it. It doesn't really seem like it because I'm complaining about it all the time, but if I didn't like it, I wouldn't be doing it still and going to do it in college."

You only get two or three weeks off from swimming in August, no wonder you complain.

"(Practices) are not fun. Waking up at 5 (a.m.) and practicing and then a long day of school and then more practice. What keeps me in it is the friendships I've made with my coach and my teammates. I'm getting ready to swim in college; it's such a great accomplishment for me. I'm hoping to do well at state, and I'm ranked high. It's worth it in the long run."

How much do you want to get that individual state title?

"I went into the finals (of the 200 IM in 2010) and I was top-seeded going in. At finals, the girl out-touched me and I got second. It hurt a lot, but I know I can get it this year. I really like that event because you get to switch it up — it's a little bit of every stroke."

How crazy is this time of year with graduation and state swimming?

"I'm nervous and excited. It's such a busy week. I'm ending school on Thursday. Friday and Saturday it's state and Sunday is graduation. It's all at once. I'm nervous for everything, and I'm excited."

You have a twin sister, Bailey — are you a lot alike?

"We are total opposites. She's a cheerleader. She's really smart. I have good grades, but she's super smart. Total opposite. We get along just fine. We have different groups of friends and everything, but we are good together.

"We played sports together when we were younger. We started noticing that I was better than she was and she did better in school and was in the advanced classes. Then she got into choir and cheerleading."