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Getting to know Chad Blickenstaff

Chad Blickenstaff

Andover Central golf

Blickenstaff, a senior, has finished in the top five of two tournaments. His best finish was third at Newton's Sand Creek Station.

You were part of Andover Central winning the Class 5A golf title in 2009. How sweet was that?

"That was pretty nice. It took a lot of work. I played pretty well at state, except for one hole. It kind of messed up my whole day. I shot a 78, so I was just out of the medals. I was 3 over going into that hole, and it was my second-to-last hole. I took a triple bogey."

Have you grown as a golfer?

"Sophomore year and before that, one bad shot would kind of ruin my round, and I would let it get in my head and eat at me a little bit. I've learned to stay calm, and if I make a bad shot, just keep going. I've had multiple times this year where I had a bad hole, and I'd fight back and score as well as I can to help my team out."

You grew up playing street hockey, how much fun was that?

"It was in my old neighborhood, probably when I was 10. There were eight, 10 of us that played every day. It was just hanging out with the buddies and having a good time. It got intense, and we tried to win, but it never got that crazy."

You often hunt pheasant and quail, how much do you enjoy it?

"During the season, (I hunt) almost every weekend whenever I can. I have a group of friends, and their dads and my dad go as well.... I started when I was about 6. I couldn't handle the gun, but I'd walk the fields with my father.

"I love it. It's one of the best things I love to do. I enjoy hunting because I get to spend time with my dad and friends."

You have had a Brittany hunting dog named Ruby for about five years. How wonderful is she?

"I love my dog. I love watching it work and point birds and retrieve them for me. She's an awesome dog and she doesn't cause much trouble. If I'm sitting on the couch, she'll come on the couch and lay down with you."