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Getting to know Desirae Holmes

Desirae Holmes

Southeast bowling

Holmes has aspirations of trying out for Wichita State's team when she enrolls in the fall.

But the senior's difficult choice of major and being a teen mom could make getting on one of the nation's best bowling teams a challenge. She isn't backing down.

Holmes also played volleyball for Southeast and has been involved in girl scouts since she was in kindergarten. She will be receiving her Girl Scout Gold Award, which indicates the highest level of girl scouting.

Are you going to bowl for Wichita State?

"I'm going to try out, but it's a very hard team to get on. I would love to make the developmental team, and if I can make higher then I will make higher. But I'm going to WSU for engineering specifically, and I don't know how well those will tie together or not."

Is that something that you've always wanted to do, be an engineer?

"Not really. In the seventh grade I started getting into computers. I wanted to go into film making, but I knew that wasn't what I had a passion for. Then I thought about what else I could do with technology and computers that could help me do what I want to do, so I started working with tech support at school. Then I found out about animatronics and robotics. The robotics stuff was more of what I wanted to do."

And going to WSU? Is it because it is close to home or it has a good engineering program?

"It's kind of a combination of both. I love how it has a good engineering program. Plus it's inside a big city that I could go out and literally get an internship right around home. Plus I can live at home and not have to pay for all the extra stuff at college. Plus I'm a teen mom, so it helps me make sure that I can take care of my daughter."

So how old is your daughter, and do you get a lot of help from your parents being that you are still able to do school activities?

"She will be nine months this Sunday. My parents were the biggest help when I found out that I was pregnant, and my boyfriend is still in the picture so he is constantly over here helping when I have to go do my homework or I have to play volleyball, go bowl or do anything. He is over here helping me just as much as my parents are or my brother. They are all so big in helping me get through everything."

We're used to seeing little girls sell girl scout cookies. Do you still go door-to-door?

"I stopped doing that when I was in the sixth grade. The biggest sellers were my friends, my teachers at school and my family members. Sixth grade was that year when people were like, 'You're not a little girl scout. I don't want to buy from you.' Or they wouldn't even answer the door. Or they would shut the door in my face and be like 'You're not a girl scout.' Once that happened I refused to ever go back out and sell them again."