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Getting to know Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Trinity Academy swimming

Johnson, a sophomore, has qualified for the Class 5-1A state meet in the 100 backstroke. He likely will qualify in the 200 individual medley, as well as two relays.

How did you get into swimming?

"I started about 10 years ago in the Greater Wichita Swim League. It's a bunch of country clubs that have little teams. I guess my mom put me in that. I started at Genesis for about four, five years, and then I switched over to Terradyne (Country Club).... That's all I was swimming was in the summer."

Trinity has a rich history of swimmers, though.

"That's the cool thing. I hadn't realized how famous the level of, like how good the swimmers were there. I had gone to a church camp that summer (of 2010) and renewed my faith. I thought (going to Trinity) would be good in college prep, too, and for the swim team, also. (Swimming) is what I'm best at, better than the other sports. I thought it would be cool to do to. It wasn't a main deciding factor, though."

Coach Bruce Van Bebber mentioned that you are not a year-round swimmer, yet you're Trinity's top swimmer. Have you considered dedicating more time to the sport?

"I've been pondering it. I'm going to state this year, and maybe if I devote my time to it, I could do really well. Just swimming in the summer and picking it up in the season.... I swam a month before the season but hadn't gone like that into (the season) by swimming in the offseason. And I'm doing pretty well. I feel that I should start swimming all year round.... I have to think, if I did it every day, would I end up hating the sport?"

You tore the anterior cruciate ligament in your left knee as a freshman football player at Andover. How tough was that rehabilitation?

"It was bad. It's a real painful process, a real painful surgery. It hindered a lot of things. I couldn't go out for football; the whole football season was down the drain. I couldn't go out for wrestling. I got out of shape and it took a lot to get back to where I am today."

What do you do outside swimming?

"Right now I'm doing a play, 'Oliver.' I'm in the chorus, but I have a little part. This is my first year (being in a play). It's a big fine arts school, so a lot of my friends convinced me to try out. I have a really busy schedule, but what I try to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays is tutor at Cottonwood Elementary School, tutoring fourth-graders. I like it a lot. I really love kids. They're all really fun to be around.

"I also play in my church band, the acoustic guitar. Music is probably my greatest passion. Everyone dreams their dream. My dream would be success in that industry. Sometimes I just get up in my room and make songs. I don't know where I would go with that. I just have always wanted to be recognized for my songs."