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Getting to know - Ryan Hopkins

Ryan Hopkins

Maize cross country

The junior has been an integral part of the team that will compete at the Class 6A Manhattan regional on Saturday. Hopkins had an opportunity to run a 5K in Australia in the summer and spends time with his drum set on the computer when he's not running.

What was it like in Australia?

"It was amazing. I did a lot of stuff I never thought I would do. I ran the Gold Coast Marathon, the 5K portion of it. Then I ran in another 5K where kids from all over the United States raced together. It was an invitational. I though it would be cool to go, and it was."

What was the most interesting part about that?

"We rode ATVs through the rain forest. There were wallabies roaming freely.

Did you ever think you would see a wallaby roam in your lifetime?

I would have to say no. No I did not.

We heard you're in to music. What all do you do?

"I don't sing. I play drums mainly. That's my main instrument, but I also play piano. I create songs on my computer mainly. But I don't do the singing. We got my brother recording software for his birthday and I just started using it. And I just loved it. I'd been playing drums like two years before, and I just loved listening to myself."

Do you ever get your beats in your head to try to distract you from the fact that you're tired when you're running?

"I used to. Whenever I make them. I hear it just over and over in my head. That's all I hear for that day. I just keep replaying it until its finished. Most of the time I do math (while running). I break down my splits. I break it down like this half-mile I ran this. So I have to keep doing this. I just keep breaking down the math in my head until I have a mile left, and from there I just go."