High School Sports

Getting to know Aarian Tipton

Aarian Tipton

Southeast track

Tipton, a senior, is a leader on the girls 400-meter relay team that has the best time in the state this spring. She is also a standout in the 100- and 200-meter events.

How's it been running with this relay team?

"It's been fun. We just had to get used to each other. We've been running pretty fast times. So hopefully we can win state. That would be good."

How are you handling the end of your senior year?

"I am not focused in school. I have senioritis very bad. But I'm starting to buckle down a little bit since finals are coming up and it's the last chance to turn in stuff. I'm clutch."

So what do you do when you're not beating people on the track?

"I really don't have a life actually. I go to school and then I come to practice, and then I go to work and come home. That's it. Saturdays are my days to relax... then it starts over again on Monday. I hang out with my friends a little bit, but I really don't do anything too crazy. I sleep and eat. I went to this step show thing last weekend, but usually I just hang out with my friends at their house or something."

What do you want to do after high school?

"I'm going to school for nursing, and maybe later I could be a physical therapist. But for sure I want a nursing degree. I used to want to be a surgeon, but that's not for me.... I just don't want to have people's lives in my hands. It's kind of scary. I want some responsibility, but not that much responsibility."

Why nursing school and physical therapy?

"I just like helping people and I think I would enjoy doing that everyday. I think I should do something I enjoy, since I will be doing that forever."