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Getting to Know - Alec Meier

Alec Meier

Campus Baseball

Meier is the ace for Campus. The junior has a record of 4-0 with a 2.13 ERA. He pitched a perfect game against South in the first game of the season, and started on the basketball team the took Northwest to the wire in a sub-state thriller.

How did you pitch a perfect game?

"I knew I was feeling good when I was throwing my bullpen. I wasn't really overpowering people but my control was real good. That was the main thing. I wasn't worried about striking everyone out. I got some ground balls and let my teammates make plays."

Your coach said that you're a leader by example. How have you stepped up as a leader this year?

"I just go out there everyday and try to help our team win. If somebody's doing something they're not supposed to be doing you let them know, not by yelling but with constructive criticism so they can do the right thing next time. You just have to cheer on your teammates and help out anyway you can."

If you could choose one college team to play for, who would it be?

"If I could go anywhere it would be KU. I just love everything about KU: Basketball, baseball and football. Anything to do with KU, I love it. I've always been a KU fan. My dad's an Oklahoma fan, but for me it's always been KU."

So you guys have a Big 12 rivalry going on in the house?

"Oh yeah, there's always some trash talking when those games are going down. ... In football my dad usually gets the best of me in that one, but in basketball season I think KU's got them beat pretty good. You don't see the baseball team on TV a lot, but when I can watch them I do."

How competitive do you and your dad get when it comes to trash talking?

"We try to keep it clean. Whenever my team wins I'll let him have it pretty good. Whenever he wins he's a little more laid back than I am. I like to brag a little bit when my team wins. We try to keep it clean though. We'll do things like making bets on the games. We mess around with it and have fun."