High School Sports

Maize's Yahya, Heights win bowling titles

Wichita-area bowlers dominated the Class 6A girls tournament Friday at Northrock Lanes.

Maize sophomore Leela Yahya bowled a 678 series for the individual championship, leading Maize to second place behind Wichita Heights' 2,403 total.

Yahya's series couldn't have been drawn much better. Yahya was second after the first game, first after the second game and left no open frames, picking up all her spares.

"I just had to keep my head straight and if I could do that and close out every frame it would be a great day," Yahya said. "It was so exciting, the fact that we placed second as a team is even greater."

Maize coach Dave Walker watched Yahya lead a very young team after Maize graduated four of six from last year's state championship team.

"She's dedicated, she has fun with the other girls and focused when she goes up to the line, but mostly she's passionate," Walker said. "I love to see kids who are willing to sacrifice, earn their just rewards, so it's very exciting."

The Heights girls won their second team title — the first came in 2006.

Led by Emerald Weaver and Katelyn Carlson, Heights finally put together a complete tournament. After watching its lead in the City League tournament fade away, Heights held strong this time.

"It was all about game three, we've been pressing all year to put yourself in a position to win the tournament in game three and to finish strong," Heights assistant coach Justin Crumley said. "They kept it together, stayed consistent for 10 frames the entire tournament."

In Class 5-1A, Kapaun Mount Carmel's Lauren Baker had always been consistent — she just hadn't put together a series as she did Friday.

Baker finished second with a 672 series, the first 600 she's had outside of practice.

"This week in practice I shot a couple 600s but this is the first time for me in competition... so I was feeling it," Baker said.

Baker rolled games of 245, 224, 203 and upheld the family tradition.

"I really kept the ball in the pocket all day and picked up most of my spares," Baker said. "Both of my parents are bowlers so it feels really good."

In the team race, Bishop Carroll couldn't keep up with Shawnee Heights. Carroll led by six pins after the second game, but didn't make enough spares to stay up there and finished with a 2,331 pins. Shawnee Heights won with a 2,439 total.

"I knew that was the team to beat and it was going to be that close the whole way," Carroll coach Jim Nance said. "The third game we didn't pick up our spares and they did. Second place, I'm proud of these girls... we'll be back."

Carroll was led by junior Morgan Kuckelman, who finished fifth with a 623 series, and senior Erin Sanagorski, who finished seventh with a 611.

"Those two have been our leaders the whole year," Nance said. "Erin, we'll miss her next year, but Morgan will be back with her leadership. We're young, but our girls are going to come back and work hard."

Class 6A

Team results—1. Wichita Heights (Emerald Weaver 628, Katelyn Carlson 625, Juliahna Stockham 594, Kasey Anderson 556) 2,403; 2. Maize (Leela Yahya 678, Jessica Ayres 544, Alyssa Cruz 535, Anessa Ritter 526) 2,283; 3. Olathe North (Kendra Marr 628, Kacie Hixon 613, Jessica Faulkenberry 526, Brittany Barker 514) 2,279; 4. Campus (Kali Mills 649, Courtney Hill 565, Emily Dull 549, Mikah Hooper 497) 2,260; 5. Junction City 2,122; 6. Wichita North (Ally Johnson 573, Nesa Hubbard 536, Joanna Loewen 500, Victoria Garcia 492) 2,101; 7. SM West 2,091; 8. SM South 2,088; 9. Manhattan 1,807.

Individual results—1. Leela Yahya, Maize, 246-216-216—678; 2. Shanice Brown, Leavenworth, 209-196-253—658; 3. Shelby Byrnes, SM South 247-203-207—657; 4. Kali Mills, Campus, 186-239-224—649; 5. Emerald Weaver, W. Heights, 208-203-217—628; 6. Kendra Marr, Olathe North, 218-221-187—626; 7. Katelyn Carlson, W. Heights, 245-215-165—625; 8. Loryn Goebel, SM Northwest, 204-236-185—625; 9. Jillian Kenneford, Goddard, 211-231-177—619; 10. Kacie Hixon, Olathe North, 196-193-224—613; 11. Katie Constant, SM South, 190-247-171—608; 12. Rebbeca Wood, Olathe Northwest, 219-193-224—605, 13. Rachel Gooldy, Junction City, 208-190-197—595; 14. Juliahna Stockham, W. Heights, 193-197-204—594; 15. Ashlyn Herzberg, W. East, 153-225-208—586; 16. Shelby Bredehoeft, SM West, 148-213-216—577; 17. Allyson Johnson, W. North, 201-160-212—573; 18. Gretel Briand, Lawrence Free State, 134-203-234—571; 19. Jennifer Rea, Junction City, 206-190-173—569; 20. Courtney Hill, Campus, 166-207-192—565.

Class 5-1ATeam results—1. Shawnee Heights (Jessica Thompson 715, Kelsey Parkes 588, Michelle Breitkreutz 576, Kristi Renyer 560) 2,439; 2. Bishop Carroll (Morgan Kuckelman 623, Erin Sanagorski 611, Samantha Nolting 569, Kaitlin Johnson 528) 2,331; 3. Buhler (Casey Bailey 604, Kristin Vieyra 544, Destiny Bruce 536, Katelyn Roberts 509) 2,193; 4. Topeka West 2,163; 5. Newton (Anastasia Walker 560, Megan Cross 534, Shelby Gronau 530, Cassandra Ashcraft 530) 2,154; 6. Lansing 2,141; 7. Kapaun Mount Carmel (Lauren Baker 672, Katherine Norman 503, Stephanie Kwasniak 484, Kaitlain Klitzke 466) 2,215; 8. Kansas City Turner 1,982.

Individual results—1. Jessica Thompson, Shawnee Heights, 280-229-206—715; 2. Lauren Baker, Kapaun, 245-224-203—672; 3. Shelby Harms, Hutchinson, 227-201-234—662; 4. Megan Ranney, Andale, 225-233-183—641; 5. Morgan Kuckelman, Carroll, 244-214-165—623; 6. Chario Carter, Augusta, 213-190-215—618; 7. Erin Sanagorski, Carroll, 188-233-190—611; 8. Rachel Barber, Topeka West, 222-198-191—611; 9. Casey Bailey, Buhler, 188-215-201—604; 10. Santana Reed, KC Sumner 264-147-190—601; 11. Kailin Carter, KC Sumner, 191-207-203—601; 12. Maggie Crow, Topeka West, 182-223-187—592; 13. Kelsey Parkes, Shawnee Heights 183-206-199—588; 14. Ally Eckert, Lansing, 212-166-200—578; 15. Michelle Breitkreutz, Shawnee Heights, 201-193-182—576; 16. Kayci Huslig, Great Bend, 181-201-191—573; 17. Samantha Nolting, Carroll, 223-202-144—569; 18. Lisa Angello, Lansing, 146-194-227—567; 19. Anastasia Wacker, Newton, 214-167-179—560; 20. Kristi Renyer, Shawnee Heights, 190-187-183—560.