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Local bowlers star at state

South's William Paul and Collegiate's Jack Stewart are on the opposite ends of their high school careers, but they share one of the best characteristics bowlers can have: A cool, even-keel demeanor that shows in the most stressful times.

Paul, a senior, won the Class 6A boys title Thursday at Northrock Lanes with a 728 series.

"This just means a lot to me, with all the hard work that I've done in the past four years of my bowling career," Paul said. "It's all worth it."

Stewart, a freshman, won the Class 5-1A tournament with a 766 series.

"It's easier for me if I focus on one shot, just focusing on one good shot at a time," Stewart said. "In the first few practice shots, I could tell that the oil was working with my shot and I was going to have a great day."

Stewart bowled a 210 in his first game and got even better in his second and third games. Stewart rolled a 279 followed by a 277, the highest third game in 5-1A.

"I didn't think I would come in here and bowl that well, I was just throwing really well," Stewart said. "What a day. I think it's sinking in, it's kind of shocking still."

Maize fought back from a 72-pin deficit after two games to win the 6A team title over Goddard. Kansas City Washington won 5-1A.

It would have been easy for Paul to get wired after his opening game. Paul bowled a 290, the high game in 6A.

"He doesn't get too high or too low," South coach Cody Dickman said. "He has the ability to be able to stay zoned in. He earned this, and it couldn't have happened to a better kid."

That 290 relaxed Paul, and he finished with a 232 and 206.

In 5-1A, Gardner-Edgerton's Chris Martin bowled a 300 in his second game. Wichita Trinity's Divante Henriquez almost matched him.

After 11 strikes, Henriquez, admittedly nervous, missed in the last frame and fell to the floor with a 296. Henriquez finished ninth with a 668 series.

"I had to pull it together and had to go for it. My hands were wobbly, it was just a bad shot," Henriquez said. "It hurt, I really wanted it."

Maize seniors Adam Lutes (698) and Anthony Cruz (697) finished seventh and eighth. Without two of its top bowlers, Dustin Huffman and Troy Rosiere, Maize's depth set it apart, helping the Eagles win their second championship and first since 2007.

"It's just nice to have that kind of depth that guys can come in and bowl at this level," Maize coach Dave Walker said. "Seven of these guys have been with me for all four years, so it's just nice to have, not only that kind of team, but our whole family is close."

Andrew Beevers (689) finished 12th and Jonathan Henderson, who didn't bowl at regionals and came in as an alternate, finished tied for 17th with a 663 series.

The consistency of Maize helped it over take Goddard in the final game. Only one of Maize's top four had a game less than 205.

"We just had to focus on us," Cruz said. "Goddard was up by like 70, but we didn't worry about that, just ourselves and went out and made some shots."


At Northrock Lanes

Class 6A

Team results—1. Maize (Adam Lutes 698, Anthony Cruz 697, Andrew Beevers 689, Jonathan Henderson 663) 2,747; 2. Goddard (Andrew Buchholz 678, Tanner Cluck 668, Drew Belanger 663, Zach Bohanan 628) 2,637; 3. Lawrence Free State (Connor Kring 677, Joel Bonner 656, Justin Walthall 653, Nick Conrad 618) 2,604; 4. Olathe North 2,587; 5. Lawrence 2,560; 6. SM North 2,528; 7. Topeka Washburn Rural 2,455; 8. SM South 2,319; 9. Wichita North (Logan Mueller 589, Ryen Ingram 569, Kyle Wright 561, Devin Ellington 546) 2,265.

Individual results—1. William Paul, Wichita South, 290-232-206—728; 2. Jessy Bauer, Junction City, 259-247-217—723; 3. Logan Hoskins, Olathe North, 246-247-226—719; 4. Adam Holmes, SM outh, 215-244-246—705; 5. Ben Wyatt, Lawrence, 258-208-238—704; 6. Matt Beeghly, SM West, 248-247-205—700; 7. Adam Lutes, Maize, 243-226-229—698; 8. Anthony Cruz, Maize, 228-242-227—697; 9. Tyler Woods, Dodge City, 248-231-216—695; (tie) 10. Caleb Bannon, Derby, 223-212-256—691; Brennan Burns, SM East, 244-235-212—691; 12. Andrew Beevers, Maize, 266-177-246—689; 13. Andrew Buchholz, Goddard, 232-268-178—678; 14. Connor Kring, Lawrence Free State, 215-216-246—677; (tie) 15. Tanner Cluck, Goddard, 232-268-178—668; Chris Boydston, Manhattan, 221-257-190—668; (tie) 17. Jonathan Henderson, Maize, 205-247-211—663; Drew Belanger, Goddard, 213-226-224—663; 19. Zach Donovan, SM South, 213-215-232—660; 20. Joel Bonner, Lawrence Free State, 206-206-244—656.

Class 5-1A

Team results—1. Kansas City Washington (Jimmy Carter 746, Greg Fears 690, Zach Winkler 618, Michael Allen 616) 2,670; 2. Topeka Seaman (Auston Coverson 654, Kenny Benoit 647, Tate Lawson 646, Michael Kanicki 630) 2,577; 3. Emporia (Jacob Beck 664, Cory Obermeyer 634, Jacob Loucks 620, Nick Hensley 606) 2,524; 4. Bishop Carroll (Kolby Franklin 661, Shawn Hansen 651, Nick Kwasniak 594, Collin Maes 593) 2,499; 5. Cheney (Chris Gray 644, Bryce Wulf 616, Cameron Qualls 609, Taylor Siruta 607) 2,476; 6. Lenexa St. James 2,344; 7. Augusta (Tyler Newman 612, Brandon Hallmark 601, Isaac Gonzalez 561, Scott Bisarek 548) 2,322; 8. Great Bend 2,306.

Individual results—1. Jack Stewart, Wichita Collegiate, 210-279-277—766; 2. Brandon Bowman, KC Turner, 276-237-235—748; 3. Jimmy Carter, KC Washington, 234-259-253—746; 4. Anthony Mitchell, Bishop Miege, 227-257-222—706; 5. Greg Fears, KC Washington, 247-245-198—690; 6. Jeff Ragland, Gardner-Edgerton, 211-237-235—683; 7. Chris Martin, Gardner-Edgerton, 163-300-211—674; 8. Jeff Hipp, Great Bend, 243-201-225—669; 9. Divante Henriquez, Wichita Trinity, 191-296-181—668; 10. Jacob Beck, Emporia, 213-183-268—664; 11. Kolby Franklin, Bishop Carroll, 222-205-234—661; 12. Scott Rochat, Andover, 257-190-213—660; 13. Auston Coverson, Topeka Seaman, 167-253-234—654; 14. Shawn Hansen, Bishop Carroll, 651; 15. Dylon Babcock, Topeka West, 242-191-216—649; 16. Kenny Benoit, Topeka Seaman, 205-196-246—647; 17. Tate Lawson, Topeka Seaman, 242-192-212—646; 18. Chris Gray, Cheney, 223-205-216—644; 19. Sam Cooley, Lenexa St. James, 241-204-197—642; 20. Alex Wygle, El Dorado, 239-221-182—642.