Thinking about Sunday's selection show

NCAA basketball committee chair Ron Wellman, Wake Forest athletic director, conducted a conference call on Wednesday morning. All 10 committee members are in Indianapolis and they started their work on Wednesday afternoon.

Words from Wellman that might pertain to Wichita State:

RPI matters, but not above all else.“The RPI is just one of the data points that is available to the Committee. So it is not the end all by any stretch of the imagination.  It is not only the data that is available to the Committee, but the evaluation of individual Committee members.  They have seen an awful lot of games this year.  They’ve attended games personally.  They’ve watched games on TV.  They’ve scoured the data so they are well?prepared to make those decisions.”The committee will factor injuries into how a team might fare.“We already received a report this morning about an injury.  We will be well?aware of the latest information and whether that individual is going to be available to his team during the tournament.It is a discussion point with the Committee, the injury reports, how that might impact the team.Again, it is up to the individual Committee member as to how much weight they want to put on that particular injury.”Can anybody win it? Many teams like their chances in a balanced field. ”This year is unlike any of the five years that I have seen.  There is an awful lot of parity and balance in the game which will make it more challenging for the Committee, but should produce a really exciting tournament as well.”Top seeds will play close to home.“The geographical distance from their university is the first thing that we look at as we are looking at the bracketing.  Our principles and procedures mandate that we consider geographical location as a primary consideration regardless of the seed line.But obviously the top seed lines are going to secure the best geographical locations for them, and then our principles and procedures for the lower seed lines, we certainly will consider geography.”