Former Shocker Anton Grady helps explain basketball rule changes

If you’ve ever yelled “Hey, ref, let them play,” or “Call it both ways, dummy,” this video is for you.

Maybe it will reduce your stress level during basketball season. Maybe not.

Either way, this is your warning that the NCAA again wants officials to cut down on physical defensive play. To educate fans, the NCAA put J.D. Collins, national coordinator of men’s officials, on camera to discuss rule changes for 2016-17.

“The goal of all of our officiating training is to develop a national style of officiating that will result in a consistent enforcement of the rules during the preseason non-conference conference and tournament play,” Collins said. “It is all the stakeholders desire to have the same play officiated same way no matter what conference or geographic region the game is located.”

As a bonus, former Wichita State center Anton Grady is featured early (3:33) in the video during an NCAA Tournament game against Vanderbilt.

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