Wichita State Shockers

WSU women see progress

Last week each player on the Wichita State women's basketball team received a calendar from the coaches mapping out the remainder of the season for the Shockers.

The end date did not conclude with the Missouri Valley Conference tournament.

Coach Jody Adams, in her second season at WSU, has her eyes set on bigger goals — specifically, a postseason tournament berth.

With the National Invitational Tournament expanding to 64 teams and the College Basketball Invitational now in the picture, postseason play isn't out of the picture for Wichita State (14-11).

But wins are a must, beginning tonight against Evansville at Koch Arena.

"The players are very aware and very excited to take this program somewhere and some place... it hasn't been to in a long time," Adams said.

The Shockers have four regular-season games remaining before the MVC Tournament, and just being in the discussion for the postseason is an accomplishment in itself.

"This is my fourth (school) turning (things) around," Adams said. "I can't say any other team has done it any better than what we've had here at Wichita State. And we've had more to do here than anywhere else."

Returning only three players from last season's 13-18 team, chemistry was the biggest issue facing the team when Adams added eight newcomers. But the Shockers have meshed and growth is evident.

"We're still in the rebuilding process," senior Marisah Henderson said. "This being Jody's second year here, I think it's remarkable that we'll probably have a chance for postseason play."

The possibilities are exciting, but WSU knows it has to focus on the present to reach its desired future.

"Everybody is excited about how all the hard work is leading up to something bigger and better," Lankster said. "It's like we're setting the mark. We're the first to do this, so it's very important."

Adams hopes the experiences of this season will help make a push for the end goal — an NCAA tournament berth someday soon.

"I don't think there is any way you can sit down and explain this to them," Adams said. "It doesn't matter if you put a PowerPoint together. It doesn't matter if you sit down and watch it on film. It makes a difference of going through the process. And we'll go through everything.

"We'll prepare for it as if it's the NCAAs."