Wichita State Shockers

Frazier gets peek at other side

The intricacies of basketball have always intrigued Daria Frazier.

When she was little, Frazier would mindlessly scrawl on scraps of paper, designing plays from scratch. Now, as the Wichita State women prepare to host South Dakota this afternoon at Koch Arena, Frazier is clarifying her childhood interest.

Frazier, who graduated last season after a four-year career at WSU, has joined Jody Adams' staff under the title "graduate manager."

"That's something that I've always liked to do in my free time," Frazier said. "I've always been interested to see the decision-making on why you pick certain plays to put in certain game situations. That's what I want to get a clear understanding on."

But becoming a graduate manager, a chance for Frazier to study Adams' coaching closer, wasn't as clear. After she graduated, Frazier sat down with Adams to discuss her future.

"She helped me tremendously in trying to figure out what I wanted to do (after graduation)," Frazier said. "We came to the decision to work on my master's to better market myself. She helped me look for the correct path careerwise and see things differently."

Frazier said she enjoyed playing under Adams so much that it piqued her childhood interest.

"I just wanted to learn all her ins and outs and what she's thinking in certain situations," Frazier said.

Frazier will be able to observe Adams from her seat directly behind the bench. So far this season, Frazier said she is still learning what to look for.

"It's really different situations," Frazier said, "being on the bench and actually looking at things from another standpoint.

"(Adams) demands perfection and that's what she wants and that's what she makes us strive for," Frazier said.

For now, coaching is a side project on the way to completing her master's degree. But don't rule out seeing Frazier on the sidelines.

"Maybe one day," Frazier said, "that will probably be a goal. Maybe not here, but somewhere."