Wichita State Shockers

Shockers sharp in Mid States victory

Wichita State's men's and women's bowling teams have high expectations this year, and if they are to live up to them they got off to the right start this weekend.

The Shockers swept the men's and women's titles at the Mid-States Tournament at Northrock Lanes for the fifth consecutive year.

"We're thrilled to have a tournament in town that people can come and watch us," WSU bowling coach Gordon Vadakin said. "It's certainly a format that we like, it's a lot of hours, a lot of balls, a lot of games and we get an opportunity to play the lanes. It's certainly fun for us."

WSU had three of the top four teams in both the men's and women's team results, with the squads divided up according to the names of different professional bowlers.

"We're not interested in winning the individual awards, although we are going to have a lot of them if we play well together," Vadakin said. "We think they are a by product of how good our team play is."

Marcus Berndt, Brent

Bowers, Jake Peters and Ronnie Sparks Jr. all had an average of 200 or higher for WSU's Lambert team.

"It's a really great team this year and I think that there's a lot of talent on this team and we are having high hopes for the future," said Berndt, who is from Sweden and was competing in his first collegiate tournament.

WSU-Waliczek finished second, led by Roger Petrin's third place finish.

The women had just as much success as the men's team.

Led by Jazreel Tan and Rocio Restrepo, WSU-Guerrero won by almost 700 pins.

"We bowled pretty good, but I think the attitude and everything can be better for nationals, but it's a good start," Restrepo said.

WSU-LaGrange finished in second. Mariana Ayala, Joi Bell and Melissa Kammerer all placed in the top five.

The tournament also allowed Vadakin a chance to try and figure out what to do with all of the talent he's accumulated.

"There's a lot of initial things, even though there is a core of returning players, there is still a lot that we don't know about how we can get the best out of each other," Vadakin said. "It was a good weekend in the fact that it points us in the right direction."

Newman's Blue team placed second in the men's event, led by Derek Hartnell's tournament-high 2,192 pins.

Mid-States Tournament

at Northrock Lanes

Men's team results—1. WSU Lambert 13,441 2. Newman Blue 12,772 3. WSU Waliczek 12,592 4. WSU Rash 12,516 5. Nebraska Lincoln 12,387 6. Kansas 12,344 7. WSU Barnes 12,225 8. Houston Red 12,184 9. North Dakota State 12,179 10. Nebraska Omaha Red 12,144 11. West Texas Maroon 12,051 12. Minnesota State 11,982 13. North Texas 11,928 14. William Penn Blue 11,802 15. Newman Red 11,645 16. West Texas White 11,599. 17. Central Missouri 11,598 18. Missouri State 11,479 19. Iowa State 11,171 20. Nebraska Omaha Black 11,111 21. Newman White 11,100 22. Houston White 10,801 23. South Dakota State 10,759 24. William Penn Gold 10,434 25. Texas A&M 10,296 26. Colorado State 10,101.

Men's individual—1. Derek Hartnell, Newman Blue, 2,192. 2. Derek Ray, North Texas, 2,049. 3. Roger Petrin, WSU Waliczek, 2,036. 4. Steven Krolyczek, Newman White, 1,994. 5. Sam Swinford, Newman Red, 1,989.

Women's team—1. WSU Guerrero 12,685 2. WSU LaGrange 11,706 3. West Texas 11,294. 4. WSU Sandham 10,928 5. William Penn Blue 10,843 6. Newman Blue 10,841 7. South Dakota State 10,403 8. William Penn Gold 9,966 9. Newman Red 9,738 10. Houston 9,619 11. Baker 8,866 12. Colorado State 8,425.

Women's individual—1. Jazreel Tan, WSU Guerrero, 2,056. 2. Rocio Restrepo, WSU Guerrero, 1,907. 3. Mariana Ayala, WSU LaGrange, 1,876. 4. Joi Bell, WSU LaGrange, 1,849. 5. Melissa Kammerer, WSU LaGrange, 1,841.