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Add Baker University to the growing list of KC-area schools offering eSports programs

A screen grab from the popular video game “Fortnite.”
A screen grab from the popular video game “Fortnite.” AP

Baker University is adding to its athletic department offerings beginning in 2019-20 — eSports, or video game competition, the school announced on Friday.

Baker will join five other schools in the Heart of America Athletic Conference to offer eSports, a fast-growing area of interest for students, and increasingly for the schools they attend, or are considering attending.

“This new program will continue to move Baker forward and will welcome more students interested in computer science, data analytics and business, among several other disciplines into our university,” Baker athletic director Nate Houser said.

Tony Ebel has been named the Wildcats’ eSports coach. He’s worked at Baker since 2001 and was the school’s first full-time webmaster.

Baker will join the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE) and compete in three different games to be announced at a later date. Games offered by the NACE include:

League of Legends


Counter Strike

Rainbow Six: Siege

Smite, Battleground of the Gods

Paladins, Champions of the Realm


Rocket League


Super Smash Bros




Apex Legends