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A 9-year-old girl wrote this letter for Joel Embiid, who cried after 76ers’ loss

Toronto Raptors fans were full of unbridled joy after Kawhi Leonard’s rim-rattling series-winning shot Sunday against the 76ers in the NBA’s Eastern Conference semifinals.

This being sports, the feeling was the opposite for Philadelphia players and fans, who were left saddened.

Former Kansas star Joel Embiid, who plays for the 76ers, took the defeat hard. He left the court in tears.

Twitter user Made In Memphis shared this:

A 9-year-old girl named Olivia saw Embiid’s reaction and felt compelled to write a letter in an effort to cheer up Embiid. Here it is:

This is what Olivia wrote:

Dear Joel Embiid,

You are my favorite basketball player. I am sorry that you lost. I saw you crying on T.V. It’s O.k. to lose sometimes. I lost basketball games too. You got so far and I am proud of you and the 76ers!

Christie Ileto of ABC-6 in Philadelphia shared this video of Olivia reading the letter:

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