University of Kansas

Griffin will test Kansas defense

LAWRENCE — With Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, there are no easy answers for defenses.

Nobody should know that better than Kansas, which last season allowed Griffin to pass for 434 yards and three touchdowns and rush for 64 yards and a score in a 55-7 drubbing by the Bears.

Yet, with Kansas set to take on Griffin again today, KU linebacker Steven Johnson isn't willing to concede anything.

"I've watched film," Johnson said, "and people are getting to him. He is a very good player, and he was up for the Heisman and stuff. But the way I take it is, he's just another human being who wakes up just like I do, prepares, lift weights and goes to class. I don't necessarily look at the jersey. He's just another man trying to move on in life, and I'm the same. Who's gonna be the tougher man that day?"

Johnson, who leads the Big 12 in tackles, will be trying to read Griffin's actions all afternoon. Teams have tried everything at this point to stop Griffin, but he is still second in the country in total offense (396 yards per game) and third in passing efficiency.

Playing Griffin isn't just a challenge for the defense. Kansas' offense will take the field today knowing that settling for field goals is not an option.

"The Iowa State game was a field position game," KU offensive coordinator Chuck Long said. "It was coming down to every little play. This game, based on what they've done, we have to score points."

Long, a former college and NFL quarterback, says Griffin is the best he's seen in college football this season.

"He's an every-10-year guy," Long said. "He reminds me a lot of Vince Young to be honest with you. Vince Young was a special player, and I think he even has a little bit better of an arm than Vince. Those guys are very few and far between. I think the NFL's going to like him."

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