University of Kansas

E-mail tries to answer KU donor questions

In a mass e-mail to donors, Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins and the Williams Educational Fund responded to donors' questions regarding the university's independent internal review looking into the possible illegal sales of men's basketball tickets.

Donors were informed that the review will not be funded by their donations, that Williams Fund money had not been "stolen" and that this issue was not related to possible NCAA violations.

The athletic department also responded to questions about whether the points system, which determines seating at basketball games among donors, was flawed.

"No," the e-mail answered. "The two are unrelated. We are fully confident that the point system structure we have in place serves the Jayhawk fan base well and will remain an essential part of the WEF's fund-raising efforts. That said, we remain committed to improving any part of the point-system process that needs to be improved."