University of Kansas

Gill gives recruits taste of Kansas hoops

LAWRENCE — New Kansas football coach Turner Gill attended Saturday's KU basketball game against Michigan along with eight recruits who are visiting the campus this weekend.

Gill addressed the crowd at halftime to raucous applause, ending a first week on the job that was divided between building relationships with the current Jayhawks, recruiting future KU players and putting together the rest of his staff of assistants.

Gill said he hopes to have his staff finalized and announced by Dec. 29.

"It'll be great to have my troops in here," Gill said.

Gill will need those troops in recruiting. He expects to have to fight all the way until Signing Day to keep the players that have already orally committed to KU and add some new players to the mix.

"It's been exciting," Gill said. "There's going to be one or two people that will see some other schools. When a coaching change occurs at a certain school, other people go and attack. We'll have to come back and battle with a few people. We've got the whole month of January."

Gill said he has also found time to meet with each current player individually.

"I've told them what you see today is gonna be the same two years from now, five years from now, 10 years from now," Gill said. "This is who I am. I gotta be who I am."