University of Kansas

Kansas wants to react quicker

LAWRENCE — The beginning of the game can be a hectic time for the Kansas offense. Just about every week, the Jayhawks see something they didn't expect from the opposing defense, and they have to react to it.

"There's a lot of communication between me and (offensive coordinator Ed) Warinner," KU quarterback Todd Reesing said. "I'm constantly telling him ideas I have on plays that I think might work, and he's telling me what they're seeing up there in the press box. A lot of times, it could be we're not getting in the right plays, and other times we might not be executing the plays right."

Reesing and Warinner, who have put their minds together to produce the second-ranked offense in the country, have proven that they will get it figured out eventually. But how late is too late? Last week, KU fell behind 24-3 against Colorado and didn't score its first touchdown until there were 11 seconds left in the first half. The Jayhawks stormed back in the second half to take the lead but lost 34-30.

For the season, the Jayhawks have scored 40 points in the first quarter compared to 85 in the second. Of course, it's hard to argue with production, no matter when it comes. Warinner balked at the idea that KU is being reactionary in its offensive scheming.

"We have a plan of how we want to attack people," Warinner said. "We came out (against CU) and the first six plays we ran were the first six plays I had scripted, and I'd run all six of them again. I think they were all exactly what we wanted, and sometimes you just don't execute. You just need to run some plays to get a feel."

With KU's struggling defense going against a talented Oklahoma offense today, the Jayhawks may not be able to afford another slow start. Still, Warinner will stick with what has become a proven process.

"We can't be too disappointed with being the No. 1 total offense in the Big 12, No. 2 in the country, No. 1 of all BCS schools," Warinner said. "Could we do things better? Sure. But then I guess everybody could because everybody is behind us."