Kansas State University

Key positions up for grabs

Quarterback — Carson Coffman and Collin Klein are in the lead, but Sammuel Lamur is easily the most athletic of the group.

Tight end — Jeron Mastrud did it all by himself a year ago. Travis Tannahill, Gabe Gantz, Jeremy Sutton and on occasion Braden Wilson could be in the mix to replace him.

Linebacker — Aside from Alex Hrebec, K-State is without a proven linebacker. Kadero Terrell, Kevin Rohleder, Jarell Childs and several others are fighting for time.

Defensive line — This competition won't be settled until incoming freshmen and transfers — such as Hutchinson Community College's Adam Davis — arrive in the fall. But for now, Raphael Guidry, Prizell Brown, Josh Berard, Antonio Felder, Ray Kibble and Javonta Boyd are fighting for playing time next to Brandon Harold.

Cornerback — We know who the safeties are, but what about the guys who make up the first line of defense? With top cornerback Joshua Moore no longer around, Stephen Harrison, David Garrett, Darious Thomas and several others are fighting for playing time.

—Kellis Robinett