Kansas State University

Wildcat Report

First quarter

Key play: Steven Sheffield hit Tramain Swindall for a 52-yard touchdown strike less than four minutes in.

Key stat: Texas Tech had 176 yards of offense in the quarter.

Second quarter

Key play: Grant Gregory took his first sack of the game, a 14-yard loss, and his elusiveness seemed to instantly disappear.

Key stat: Steven Sheffield threw for a team-record 370 yards and five touchdowns in the first half.

Third quarter

Key play: Jeffrey Fitzgerald intercepted Sheffield and ran 17 yards for a touchdown. It was the best K-State defensive play of the night.

Key stat: Texas Tech had 83 rushing yards in the third quarter.

Fourth quarter

Key play: With 8:41 remaining, Texas Tech punted for the first time.

Key stat: Valentine, once again, was instant offense. His average rush against Texas Tech was 12 yards.

Report card

Offense: D-. Lots of teams see Texas Tech score loads of points, but most return the favor a few times. If not for a fourth-quarter touchdown run by Valentine, the Wildcats would have left with no offensive points.

Defense: F. Fitzgerald gets a nice individual grade, but everyone else looked lost.

Special teams: B-. Punter Ryan Doerr impressively avoided a block by kicking on the run and K-State's return game was adequate.

Coaching: D-. Snyder's self analysis: "I've made some dramatic mistakes that put us in a position that made us perform like we did."

Player of the game

Steven Sheffield set an offensive record at Texas Tech by halftime — that's when you know you're doing something fantastic.

Reason to hope

Texas Tech is off the schedule for the next two years.

Reason to mope

The secondary that looked good through five games didn't look that way Saturday.

Looking ahead

Texas A&M, 36-31 losers to Oklahoma State on Saturday, comes to Manhattan. The Wildcats may still be underdogs, but A&M's no Tech.

—Kellis Robinett