Big 12

Big 12 commissioner visits Manhattan

MANHATTAN — The Big 12 football championship has belonged to the South Division since 2003, which has prompted some to suggest division realignment for the good of the conference — and introducing the possibility of an Oklahoma-Texas championship game.

But while visiting Kansas State on Friday, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe said while realignment isn't being considered, he wants the league to become more competitive.

"I don't think it's healthy to have one division that's just clearly dominant," he said.

Beebe preaches a mixture of creativity and patience.

"At the beginning of the conference (1996), you had Kansas State, Nebraska and Colorado were the dominant teams," he said. "Texas and Oklahoma weren't as good. I think it could be cyclical and that we could be in the situation where that might turnaround some day."

But if it doesn't, could realignment ever be addressed?

"It's not something that I would dictate," he said. "But certainly the membership may start to talk about it if we don't have a more balanced power base."

He likes the bowls — Beebe said he believes passionately in the BCS and does not want to see a playoff in the college game.

"We already put a lot of pressure on these youngsters to play in the games they play in during the regular season," Beebe said. "We ought to maintain a nice rewarding postseason opportunity for them. I think that's important."

New bowl order — The Big 12 recently rearranged its bowl order and will no longer send teams to the Sun Bowl, Gator Bowl or Independence Bowl. But it will begin sending a team to a bowl game in New York every year to be played at the new Yankee Stadium.

Beebe said the opportunity to play in the nation's biggest media market was too good to pass up. He is also close to adding an eighth bowl to the mix and said a deal should be done in the coming weeks.