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Getting to know - Brianna Caldwell

Brianna Caldwell

Northwest basketball

Caldwell, a junior, has started at Northwest since her freshman season. She is averaging 12.4 points and has made 11 three-pointers. Northwest (4-1, 3-1 City League), plays host to Kapaun Mount Carmel at 6 tonight.

You said you became addicted to basketball after you started playing at age 4. Are you really addicted?

"I am. I watch it on TV all the time. I'm always at the gym. I'm always talking about basketball. My dad makes fun of me, but one night I slept with a basketball before a game.... When I'm watching on TV, I'm really watching the players' skills and their talent and how teams work together and what they do to win."

Do you follow a specific team?

"North Carolina. My dad's side of the family is all from North Carolina, and they are all diehard NC fans.... I love NC. One, the color is beautiful. Two, the NC atmosphere is crazy. And I love (men's coach) Roy Williams and (women's coach) Sylvia Hatchell. they're one of the best teams rebounding the ball and beating teams down before they can get into the defensive transition."

You want to play basketball in college, but what do you want to do after?

"I'd like to be a physical therapist. I've always been interested in how everything in the body works, not doctor-wise, but muscles and bones. I don't want to be a surgeon because that's gross."

Your dad coached you when you were younger and is an assistant coach for Northwest's boys team. How is it being a coach's kid?

"Since you have a close bond, he'll tell you straight up what you can or can't do, what you did wrong. I'm the first to sit on the bench if I talk back.... I learned to take criticism very well. I tell coaches to tell me straight up, don't baby me around it, just cut to the chase to tell me what I need to do and what my role is."

Is there anything else we should know about you?

"Well, I'm considered the loudest person and the most talkative person. I never lose energy except when I'm asleep, and that's when my parents are the happiest — I'm not talking all the time."