Don't hold back now, Chiefs fans

Even today, it's not easy being a Chiefs fan.

Your life should be good. Your team has started the season with two wins. Punt return for a touchdown in the opener... interception return for a touchdown in the second game... first place, baby!

Yeah, you want to be swept up by the euphoria, but it's just not that simple.

Stupid offense....

How's a guy in a seen-better-days Derrick Thomas jersey supposed to relish his week when he has no faith in his team's quarterback? How can he fully enjoy taunting his Cowboy-fan neighbor (oh-and-2 baby!) when he can't figure out why the Chiefs are so reluctant to use their best offensive weapon?

You can hear the conflict in Chiefs' fans voices. They're happy — how could they be anything but happy? —but the joy is tempered by doubt. Or maybe by reality.

Don't let that happen.

Sure, there are valid questions. Matt Cassel has been uninspiring (122 passing yards a game, one touchdown, two interceptions) —can he really be an effective NFL quarterback? Dwayne Bowe has given you five catches, one dropped pass and no reason to think he's about to break out. Jamaal Charles, last season's only positive, has already popped a 56-yard TD run this season... but for reasons you're still struggling to grasp, Thomas Jones is the team's primary ball carrier right now.

Being obsessively realistic about your team's shortcomings can be such a buzz kill.

A month ago, the optimists among you were hoping the team could somehow win six or seven games this season. The delirious fanatics were bold enough to predict a .500 season (but they didn't honestly believe it).

And now you're here, two games to the good. Worrying.

Life is cruel.

You want to happy. You want to be pleased with your team. You want to be that horribly obnoxious guy who loudly and endlessly lords his team's success over less-fortunate fans who hate him for his odious lack of civility but can't do anything about it because his team is truly great.

Yeah, you want to. But you can't let yourself go. The best you've able to generate is guarded optimism.

Do it, Chiefs fans. Let yourself go while you can. Seize the moment. There's no telling how long it will last.

Let's say your concerns are legitimate. The offense never gets any better. The rookie safeties never figure out that deep middle is sometimes their responsibility. Todd Haley is over his head as a coach and self-destructs.

Say all those things are true, and the losses start piling up just as your fear. It that happens, there will be plenty of time to be miserable later in the season. There's no need to start early.

So stop it, Chiefs fans. Stop looking for perfection. You can seek perfection later. Your team is coming off three truly awful seasons, the kinds of seasons that make you think the team will never be good again.

Winning the first two games this season was wishful thinking. Your wish came true. Enjoy.

Win or lose today, your team is still going to be in first place at the end of September.