Shrine Bowl is one more memory

It is a story that players at the Shrine Bowl East Camp in Emporia can't get enough of. It's also a story Tyler Glatczak doesn't mind sharing.

"It was an amazing feeling knocking off Smith Center's 79-straight-game winning streak," said Glatczak, the former Centralia quarterback and free safety. "We had the mindset that we could do it all the time. We got the first state championship in school history too. It was just a great feeling."

Glatczak will play for the East team as a safety on Saturday at the Shrine Bowl in Pittsburg. He said last season's overtime victory over Smith Center in the Class 2-1A championship game was one of the best memories of his life and one he will never forget. Tyler's father, Larry, is Centralia's coach and is in Emporia as a defensive backs coach. he remembers a conversation he and Tyler had weeks before the championship victory.

"We were sitting at the kitchen table just before we started the playoffs," Larry Glatczak said. "He mentioned that 'if I get a state championship then my life would be complete.' Then when we won the state championship I was happy just to see the reaction on his face. He realized that all that hard work and dedication in the end came through."

Tyler, who was able to put a perfect ending on his high school career, has shifted his focus to preparing himself for the collegiate game at Baker.

Tyler said he will shift between strong safety and weak side linebacker at Baker, and is doing his best to make sure he can get on the field.

"We've got about five or six linebackers at Baker," Tyler said. "The coach said that I've got a good chance at playing if I work out through the summer and keep my grades up."

Having seen the way the Shrine Bowl camp is run first hand, Larry Glatczak thinks the opportunity for his son to play in a game that features some of the top senior talent from Kansas will be invaluable for the college transition.

"It's kind of cool down here. It's kind of like a college atmosphere," Larry Glatczak said. "They stuck him with a roommate. He's practicing two or three times a day. I think it's a great atmosphere as far as getting him used to what it's going to be like a Baker."

Tyler looks at this game as one more opportunity to interact with his dad and coach for the last four years before going to Baker.

"It's been good so far. He's been coaching defense. So I'm still being coached by my dad, but it's a good feeling," Tyler said with a chuckle. "I can't get away from him."