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Dec. 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

How about this for a White Christmas? This is Kansas, of course, so if we're going to have snow we're going to have wind.

Upcoming coverage

Sunday's Outdoors page will feature the story of Sam Wiest, A North Carolina emergency room physician who brought four rescued bird dogs to Great Bend and shot limits of rooster pheasants all three days.

That alone makes for a pretty good story. Reading what Wiest has to say about training rescued bird dogs is also worth the time.

He's a neat guy.

Down the road I'll have an article on a mysterious mule deer mount that millions have seen but nobody knows much about.

When it was shot it was about 22 inches larger than the existing Kansas state record. That story will probably run Jan. 3.

That same Sunday I'm hoping to have a story on prairie chicken hunting. Acutally the story is on lesser prairie chicken hunting. Quite a few hunters are hustling to get a bird for the wall before the feds start trying to put the birds on the threatened and endangered species list.


I haven't talked with a lot of people so there's not a lot to report.

People in good pheasant areas are still getting into plenty of roosters. Two friends went out Sunday afternoon west of Great Bend and got seven roosters and five or six quail.

Duck and goose hunting's been pretty spotty but there have been some danged good spots. This morning a friend was part of a group of five that set-up on a pasture pond near some feed and shot 15 big geese and 14 ducks by about 9:30.

Michael's world

Tuesday three of us got 12 ducks and five geese. That was one of the very foggy days. We also had to set up with the wind in our face which means we couldn't see the ducks coming and they often wanted to land pretty far in front of the blind.

But it was a lot of fun. We made enough good shots to keep ourselves happy and enough bad shots to keep Hank happy on some long retrieves in CRP grass.

Hank and I were out this morning dumping a pile of corn at one of the properties where I bowhunt. I set a trail-cam nearby to see what bucks made it through the firearms season.

I'm hoping to put my other two cameras on other properties for the same reason in the next week or two.

Weather permitting, Jerrod and I want to do some waterfowl, doe, pheasant and coyote hunting over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Got to go check something. I've had a big prime rib slow-cooking at 140 degrees since last night. It should be getting pretty close to being done.

We'll do an early church service this evening and then dig in.

The guy at the meat counter told me to plan on about one-half pound of meat per person. I laughed.

I got about a 6 1/2 pound rib roast. It'll probably all be gone within minutes when our family of four hits it.

Looks like we won't be making the trip to the family farm tomorrow morning because of the weather. No matter, we're all home and healthy.

Merry Christmas!

Michael Pearce