Moldy soda nozzles and ‘potentially-hazardous’ dressing found at Wichita restaurants

Moldy soda nozzles and ice chutes, moldy produce and “potentially hazardous” foods were among many violations found by state health inspectors at Wichita restaurants and stores during April restaurant inspections.

For instance, inspectors found mold on the inside of soda nozzles at Hill Bar and Grill, 4800 E. Douglas, and a moldy ice chute on the soda machine at Dillons, 5500 E. Harry.

Moldy lemons were found at Doo-Dah Diner, 206 E. Kellogg, and at Heritage Restaurant, 4551 S. Broadway. A case of moldy limes were found at Dempsey’s Biscuit Co., 3425 E. Douglas.

“Potentially hazardous” ranch dressing was found in a nonworking cooler at Wings and Things, 2800 E. Central.

Inspections can take place at any time, and follow-up inspections take place if violations aren’t corrected on site.

Inspections can also occur as a result of a complaint, and all establishments are inspected when they open as part of the licensing process.

Here’s the database of non-compliant restaurant inspections in Sedgwick County for April 2018. They are current as of the date of publication. To see all of the inspections, simply hit the Search button.

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The Eagle will continue to add non-compliant restaurants to its searchable database. Inspection results, which are public record, come from the Kansas Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for restaurant food safety inspections.

You can complain about a Kansas food establishment by sending an email to or calling 785-564-6767.

To file a confidential food safety complaint involving illness, call the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Response at 877-427-7317 or email