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Kobach elsewhere during big week for Kansas voting

Kobach AP

Tuesday was the last day to register to vote for the Aug. 2 primary in Kansas, as well as when a state board considered and approved a controversial and confusing rule to count thousands of Kansans’ votes only in federal races. Wednesday was when 34,000 mail ballots started going out and advance voting could begin in person. It’s also when the Sedgwick County Commission approved spending $4.4 million on new electronic voting equipment, after a lengthy and at times technical discussion of the accuracy of vote counting. And where was the state’s chief election official, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, during this big week for voting in Kansas? In Cleveland, successfully pushing for the official draft of the GOP national platform to reflect his views on immigration, guns, same-sex marriage and even the lesser prairie chicken. At least he didn’t use the state plane for this trip. – Rhonda Holman