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Painful to imagine justices’ campaigns in Kansas, too

Some GOP candidates are “becoming too unhinged to be plausible as conservative presidents,” warned Washington Post columnist George Will, noting proposed constitutional amendments in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. He finds it especially disheartening that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, “proposes curing what he considers this court’s political behavior by turning the court into a third political branch. Imagine campaigns conducted by justices. What would remain of the court’s prestige and hence its power to stand athwart rampant executives and overbearing congressional majorities?” Will asked. In Kansas, a similar question should be asked of one of Gov. Sam Brownback’s bad ideas on court reform – “providing for direct election of Supreme Court justices,” as he put it in his State of the State speech in January. – Rhonda Holman