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Pompeo deserves Senate confirmation

4th District congressional candidate Ron Estes. (march 27, 2017)
4th District congressional candidate Ron Estes. (march 27, 2017)

Mike Pompeo as secretary of state would be a win for Kansas and a win for our country, and I urge the U.S. Senate to swiftly confirm his nomination.

Pompeo’s accolades speak for themselves: No. 1 in his class from West Point, five years active duty in the U.S. Army, and a law degree from Harvard. Equally as impressive, as the former congressman for the 4th District of Kansas and current director of the CIA, Pompeo has proudly demonstrated Kansas values on the national and world stage.

Being elected to succeed Pompeo and represent Kansas’ 4th District has been a great honor. It also has given me a unique perspective on why I know Pompeo will be an excellent secretary of state.

I’ve seen first-hand the pragmatic and thoughtful approach Pompeo takes toward addressing any situation, a noble and desirable characteristic for our nation’s top diplomat. I have also known Pompeo as a family man who cares about his community and faith. His experience in business, Congress and as head of the CIA has prepared him for this role. He has proven to be an effective leader and important part of President Trump’s team.

Without regard to party, I believe the president should have a full cabinet and all of the resources that he or she needs to fulfill their duties, none of which is more important than protecting the national security of our country. However, the obstruction Pompeo has faced in the Senate calls into question the motive of certain politicians, many of whom approved of Pompeo a short time ago when he was confirmed as head of the CIA by 66 senators, including 14 Democrats.

Since his time at the CIA, Pompeo has been applauded for his role in destroying ISIS, responding to Syria and starting historic talks with North Korea. This begs the question if the sudden obstruction by Democrats in the Senate is not about Pompeo’s record, but instead fueled by the upcoming political election season.

This kind of childish behavior is a threat to our national security and exactly what the American people dislike about Washington. And unfortunately, this obstruction in the Senate is not new.

Since January 2017, the House has passed 591 bills. Today, 458 of those bills still await a vote in the Senate. This is unacceptable and the American people deserve better.

I call on the Senate to rise above political games and resistance. Mike Pompeo as our next secretary of state is a win-win and I look forward to a swift confirmation by the Senate.

Ron Estes, R-Wichita, represents Kansas’ 4th District in the U.S. House of Reprsentatives.