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Competent chief of staff would save Trump from himself

By Michael Reagan

Has anyone out there written the book “The Art of the Presidency”?

If so, please send Donald Trump a copy.

Our president knows what to say when he’s making a business deal.

But he needs to learn that what is OK to say when you’re the CEO of the United States is different.

On Thursday it was clear from the testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey that Trump needs help from someone who knows how a president should behave.

Comey’s appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee was no day at Palm Beach for Trump. But it was nothing close to the death blow his enemies in the liberal media had hoped for.

What Comey said Trump said to him didn’t reflect well on Trump’s judgment or his ability to tell the truth.

But at least “The Comey Show” made it clear to the country that Trump was never the target of an FBI investigation and that, according to Comey, some of the worst stories about the Trump administration’s Russian troubles in the New York Times and Washington Post were mostly fake.

But before the president gets himself into another unnecessary self-inflicted fiasco, he needs to find a competent chief of staff.

It has to be someone he respects as an equal, who will stand up to him and who he’ll listen to.

If, from Day One, Trump had hired a savvy and competent chief of staff like James Baker III, who served my father, the Oval Office drama between Trump and Comey never would have happened.

If a pro like Baker had been on the job instead of an amateur like Reince Priebus, when Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Priebus to leave him alone in the Oval Office with Comey, chief of staff of Baker would have stepped in immediately.

He would have told Trump it was improper to meet alone with Comey. Trump and Comey would never have had their awkward and inappropriate chat and “The Comey Show” would never have been aired.

It’s clear that after six months on the job Trump doesn’t realize why he came to Washington.

He needs a chief of staff who will remind him every second that it was not to make news with his tweets, fight with the liberal media or make his White House staff clean up after his mistakes.

Michael Reagan is a political consultant and author.