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Opinion Line (June 1)

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Democrats urging the New York Times to become our FBI, judge, jury and executioner is a very dangerous precedent to set for our country.

And the Oscar for best actor goes to … Donald Trump, for convincing the blue-collar workers that he would help them with jobs and rebuild infrastructure.

“Show me the man and I’ll find his crime” is what Stalin in Russia believed, and now the Democrats.

A year ago the Washington Post reported that President Obama suggested sharing Syrian terrorism intelligence with the Russians. Now they call for the impeachment of President Trump because he may have discussed this same thing. Media bias?

I hate hearing people say that the POTUS is a habitual liar. We should be more civil and polite, and say that he and his White House personnel are not known for their veracity.

Protesters at Notre Dame graduation walk out on Vice President Mike Pence because they disagree with President Trump’s policies? What is that: no job guarantees, free lunch or free education? Time to grow up.

The student walkout on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was appropriate. Her lack of credentials and track record speak for themselves.

Two megalomaniacs duking it out over the use of nuclear weapons. What could possibly go wrong?

Among all the bad political news of today, a bright ray of sunshine: Josh Svaty of Ellsworth County is running for governor in 2018. Bright, articulate, knowledgeable, likable. There’s hope in Kansas once again.

Apparently, those belly-aching about school funding don’t care enough about it to pool their money and remedy the supposed problem.

I have been recovering alcoholic for 40 years, and a season ticket holder in several sports, so I’m very disappointed in any WSU decision to sell beer at any sporting venue. Beer, youth and guns don’t mix.

Century II is an iconic landmark unique to Wichita. Please preserve it.

What’s with these people who drive with their dogs sitting in their laps? They make me look smart.

If people would read the Daily Prayer at the bottom of the Opinion Line, maybe they would not post such hateful comments.

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