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Opinion Line (May 30)

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Presidents said, “A new deal; tear down that wall; the buck ends here; I’m not a crook; you’re fired!”

If Republican legislators want to retain any credibility they need to dump the Trump.

Now that we have a special counsel to dog president Trump we’ll all be better off if our do-nothing Republican led Congress continues doing nothing.

Would the NRA and it’s gun-crazy puppets tell the majority who want restrictions on dangerous weapons where the 2nd Amendment’s “right to bear arms in order to form a well-organized militia” translates into “anyone unconditionally can be toting?”

I disagree with Trump’s tweet about “the biggest witch-hunt ever.” The biggest by far was his 4-year witch-hunt for Obama’s birth certificate.

If someone does not have any interest in doing their job, an employer fires them. Why then do we tolerate such behavior from our Congress? You were hired to do the work of the American people, not just getting your lazy duffs re-elected.

As the daily “news” gets bleaker the funnies seem to get funnier. I can even grin at the BCN strip. We need all the smiles we can get!

Our new Pres keeps repeating that this Country is “so very divided.” Does he not understand that he’s the one that divided us? We sure weren’t this divided during the Obama and Clinton terms!

Century II is the most beautiful building in the Midwest. The thought that anyone would want to tear it down makes me sick. The only people that would want to do that are people that know they aren’t classy enough to stand it its shadow.

The Wichita PD has a limited number of officers patrolling the beats they have during every shift. You need to inquire through your neighborhood WPD station about riding with an officer. You will learn so much.

If Wichita builds a new baseball stadium the higher prices of tickets, concessions and possibly a parking fee will make games unaffordable for the average family.

Wichita Eagle, you made my day Saturday when all of the Universal Crossword fit above the fold line of the newspaper.

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