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Discovery of lost city of Etzanoa is remarkable

It is not every day that a lost city is found, especially in south-central Kansas. So it was remarkable to read in Sunday’s Eagle about the discovery of Etzanoa, a former city of the Wichita Nation at the confluence of the Walnut and Arkansas rivers in Arkansas City. Accounts by Spanish conquistadors told of a city on the Great Plains with about 20,000 residents. But for four centuries, the location of the city has been a mystery, leading some historians to question whether a city of that size actually existed. But the discovery of Etzanoa by Donald Blakeslee, an anthropologist and archaeologist at Wichita State University, seems to corroborate the early accounts, making Etzanoa the second-biggest settlement of Native Americans found in the United States. How exciting is that? – Phillip Brownlee