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Wichitans helping homeless moms, kids

Caring, compassionate Wichitans stepped up once again. After The Eagle reported on two mothers who have lived in vehicles with their children, dozens of people called or e-mailed offering to help. Glenn Clark could related to what the moms are experiencing because he was homeless and lived out of his car when he was a young man. Others recognized how fortunate they were to have never been homeless. “What happened to those young mothers in that story, that could have been me,” Jane Owens said. “Or my daughter or my granddaughter.” What is most encouraging is the desire to extend the support beyond the immediate needs of these two moms and their children. Terry Johnson, executive pastor of GracePoint Church, is helping coordinate ongoing assistance efforts for homeless children and families in the Wichita school district. To help, contact GracePoint at 316-201-1771 or e-mail info@gracepointchurch.tv. – Phillip Brownlee