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Believe it or not, Wichita taxes comparatively low

Wichitans like to gripe about their property taxes. So an Eagle article last Sunday was a good reminder that Wichita’s property tax rate for homeowners is actually the lowest of all the 20 cities in Sedgwick County. In fact, it’s a lot lower. The highest mill rate is Bentley at 164.409, while Wichita’s rate is 117.201. The next lowest is Viola at 139.09. Wichita also has one of the lower sales tax rates in the state. Though Wichita has a few community improvement districts that are allowed to charge higher sales tax rates – the highest being 9.5 percent – the overall sales tax rate for most of the city is 7.5 percent. In comparison, the standard sales tax rate is 9.15 percent in Topeka, 9.125 percent in Kansas City, Kan., and 9.225 percent in Olathe. Special CID sales tax rates in some cities are as high as 11.5 percent. – Phillip Brownlee