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Opinion Line Extra (March 20)

It is absolutely angering and frustrating that with all of the problems in the U.S. and Wichita, President Obama and Mayor Carl Brewer are spending time picking basketball teams. I suggest they immediately lose their current jobs so that they can spend all of their time focusing on sports.

Putin invades Crimea and Obama fills out his brackets.

So Obama has lost us Crimea? When was it ever ours?

USA’s warnings to Putin about invading a sovereign nation would carry more weight had the USA not invaded a sovereign nation 10 years ago, but repeating the phrase “Obama is weak” is much easier than dealing with history and reality.

Obama continues to demonstrate why he is one of history’s greatest figures with his handling of the Crimea situation. While other world leaders cower in their boots, Obama brings Putin to his knees with an onslaught of fierce diplomacy, backed up by the specter of universal scorn, and the potential threat of stern displeasure.

Now the entire world realizes that our leader is a clown.

Republican ideas and ideals can’t survive in a true democracy. Gerrymandering is the only reason Republicans control the U.S. House. The presidency and Senate are much more difficult to gerrymander, so they usually belong to the plurality. Gerrymandering is cheating.

One way to put an end to the political fighting in Washington is to develop a better third political party.

The Republican Party’s internal strife is frequently noted by the media. Similar struggles among Democrats ended years ago with Marxist revolutionaries controlling the party from the White House down.

If you actually believe that totalitarian-style pogroms such as happened in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China can never happen here, you are a fool.

I hate to admit it, but Cal Thomas finally wrote something I actually agree with.

It appears to be morally wrong that a tax preparer and property owner pay no state income tax while those who have little lose tax benefits.

Just a final note on the airport name-change vote. I present a quote from USA Today. “This just in: On-line petitions aren’t worth the paper they’re not printed on.”

I am glad and proud of the WSU men’s basketball team for getting as far as they have in the finals. Now it is getting down to the real deal to find out what they are really made of. I would love to see them win it all, but I don’t think they will. If and when they lose, let’s put on our big-boy and -girl pants and suck it up.

I see KWCH is sending a team of 12 to St. Louis to cover the NCAA tournament. Is that really necessary? I just hope someday they will devote that much energy to covering elections.