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Opinion Line (March 20)

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So if the Russians and their previous territories wish to start fighting among themselves, why should the West, particularly the U.S., get involved other than to keep any spillover from happening?

I think President Obama has been too easy on Vladimir Putin. I think that it is time that Obama double dog dares him to invade Ukraine. That will get Putin’s attention.

Exactly which Western values do we want the rest of the world to emulate? Is it the prostitution, abortion, homosexuality, corruption in government, unwillingness to enforce immigration laws, gambling, corporate tax evasion, unwed mothers, or TV shows where women try to guess who the father of their child is?

So now Canadian-American Sen. Ted Cruz is telling us that Bob Dole didn’t stand on principle? That’s laughable. Bob Dole has more integrity and principle than Ted Cruz will ever know.

With the latest air incident and others, why not install transponders in all aircraft that cannot be turned off by the pilots but only by the folks who make the planes?

How can we be certain that the universe started with a big bang if there was no one to hear it?

To those who doubt climate change: If it creates a disaster in 50 years, have you considered how much future generations will despise you for having stood in the way of any effort to stop the catastrophe? Or is it that you don’t care, figuring you’ll be dead?

It sounds like the KCC is in the pocket of Westar Energy. I thought the KCC was looking out for the people of Kansas, not the electric companies.

State Treasurer Ron Estes doesn’t want to see state checks bounce (March 16 Opinion). The only way to prevent that is to cut services and increase sales and property taxes. That is already happening. The only way to change that is to get Gov. Sam Brownback and supporters including Estes out of office.

Spring break is a good time to put more police on patrol.

I noticed 11 cars with right-turn blinkers behind one driver obviously heading straight. Please show some driving courtesy so those who want to turn right on red do not have to wait through a stoplight. When possible, move to the inside lane when proceeding straight through an intersection.

I do not want a dollop of anything on my sandwich. It sounds like something scraped off a horse’s hooves.