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Opinion Line Extra (March 19)

I was just wondering can I sue Sedgwick County to get my money back. I was taxed like everyone else to get the arena downtown. However, there has not been anything I wanted to go to. If you are not a country music fan, demand a refund.

Professor Edward Flentje for governor (”Rest of the story on state finances,” March 9 Opinion).

Was KU relieved when the team that knocked it out of the Big 12 Tournament went on to win the tournament? Yeah, that’s how WSU felt in the Final Four last year, too.

For better or for worse, like it or not, trash talk is part of sports. WSU has taken this kind of talk from KU fans for decades, so for anyone upset by Shocker fans doing the same – well, that’s just too bad. You’ll just have to grow a thicker skin.

What’s the big deal about allowing conceal-carry on college campuses? If you think college students are too dumb or irresponsible to conceal-carry, then perhaps we shouldn’t allow them to go $100,000 in debt, either.

Some people confuse the American Revolution with our War of Independence. The American Revolution continues to this day. Obama and all his Marxist/socialist cronies seek to bring the American Revolution to a close and to consign it to oblivion. Let there be no mistake.

I support the military. Where would this country be without the military keeping us safe and free?

With all the “religious convictions” that businesses and people have formed of late, it’s too bad they don’t stop supporting foreign wars for oil by buying electric cars. I love the fact that I never have to get gas again.

Your religion is your religion. While no one can prove or disprove existence of your god, you do have to explain why we should create laws according to your religion and not some other guy’s.

Boeing’s jettisoning of the fixed pension continues a sorry trend across corporate America. Coupled with low wages that make saving for retirement almost impossible, it’s all the more important that Social Security be put on sound financial footing as the only source of income for millions of future retirees.

Koch Industries general counsel Mark Holden claimed Charles Koch’s focus was not on divisive, shrill and dishonest dialogue (March 8 Local & State). Evidently he hasn’t seen the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity’s ad seeking to overturn Kansas renewable energy standards. Kudos to Harry Reid for calling out the Kochs’ effort to buy the America they want.

The Democrat Senate leader sought to stir the emotions of his base by attacking the Koch brothers. He ignored the minor fact that they were in 59th place of all-time political contributors. But when you want you stir emotion and not the thought process, that is what you do.