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Opinion Line (March 19)

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As a KU grad, I’m rooting for KU. As a Kansan, I’m rooting for KU, K-State and WSU. The Shockers have wanted to face the level of competition that their in-state brothers play to prove that they’re worthy of their lofty ranking, so now is their time to shine.

Fear not – the Shockers are for real.

Shocker basketball fans’ mantra last week: “Bring on all comers. We are No. 2 in the country but should be No. 1.” Mantra (whining) this week: “We have the toughest schedule of anyone in the NCAA Tourney.”

Is anyone else tired of hearing KU fans whine about WSU fans whining?

I think it’s great that the Shockers went through the season undefeated. However, how many “special editions” do we need telling about it?

President Obama announces Russian sanctions. This is a country he said was not our enemy two years ago – just another thing he was wrong about.

Perhaps Obama could beat Vladimir Putin in a game of basketball.

Truman lost Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union. Will Obama be the president who loses Ukraine to the Russians?

What does Putin hear when Obama talks? The same thing the “Peanuts” gang hears when the teacher speaks.

You people relentlessly trash-talking the president of the United States ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

We should know who wants to spend millions of dollars to influence the outcome of any election, where they are spending it, and how much they spend. If they want to express their opinion anonymously, they can use the Opinion Line, like the rest of us.

I propose we change the name of this town to honor our greatest president. Nixon, Kan., has a nice ring to it. Shouldn’t cost more than a couple million. Any radio celebrities want to pick up the cause?

I thought that the Wichita police chief was going to crack down on traffic violators. Where is this enforcement?

Gov. Sam Brownback is probably happy that the Kansas Supreme Court set no timetable on a portion of school funding, allowing it to be decided beyond this fall’s election.

Gown Town is a wonderful idea for girls who can’t afford these expensive prom dresses and can choose from the ones donated. Thanks, Friends University, for this novel idea.