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Opinion Line Extra (March 18)

For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who’s been around Wichita for very long, I recommend naming the airport after Clyde Cessna and Walter Beech. Ike never did for this town what they did.

With sand inches deep in gutters everywhere, I’d rather see $140,000 in new street sweepers than in signs reflecting an airport name change.

The street in front of my house has potholes all over. I’m sure the street could have been repaved for what the airport name change cost.

Taxi driver screening is one more strong argument for why that money used in renaming the airport could have gone toward flexible bus route planning.

It would have been better to name the new airport for Gordon Parks. At least we have some of his stuff in Wichita.

Of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get extra rights – they don’t get to redefine marriage. Surveys, opinion polls, etc., to the contrary from any source are meaningless. Marriage is only between a man and a woman, period.

This is from a new GOP strategy ballot in the mail: “Which of the Democrats’ liberal policies do you oppose most? Cuts to Medicare; ignoring Social Security; etc....” Wait. What? It was the Republicans who wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security, not the Democrats. Geesh.

I noticed when CPAC was going on – where Republicans rant and rave about what’s going on but have no solutions. I also noticed the speakers included those dingbats Sarah Palin and Chris Christie. Just keep on going in the same direction, Republicans, and you’ll never get anywhere.

Have you noticed that the federal bureaucracy wishes to manage and control every aspect of American life? Except, of course, the most destructive of all activities, our legal system. This malignant system is a rigged game set up for the lawyers our elected officials truly serve.

I can’t wait for Ben Carson to be elected a Republican president. Then everything coming out of the liberals’ mouths will be labeled “racist.” We will see then who the real racists are.

The Catholic Church’s response to the sexual abuse of children by priests was to cover up and silence the victims. The church’s response to same-sex marriage and Obamacare is to call it a war on religious freedom. You be the judge.

I can’t wait until WSU loses. Then maybe we can hear about something else. Or maybe not. We will have to hear about that for weeks to come.

The Shockers played angry last year into the Final Four. This year the Shockers should play angrier – 2014!