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Opinion Line (March 18)

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The burden to pay for President Obama’s solution to income inequality will fall on the middle-class American, just as it always has.

Obama lies, freedom dies.

Dream headline: “Pope accepts Boehner’s invitation to address Congress and drives money changers out of the temple of capitalism.”

It looks like the Kansas Democrats are experiencing the same treatment from the Brownback administration as the Republicans in the U.S. Congress are experiencing from the Obama administration. Just get over it and quit whining.

Unless you are a state employee and work with the changes Gov. Sam Brownback and his minions have done with policy within the state agencies, you really have no clue how much damage they have done to the citizens of Kansas.

The only people complaining about Brownback are people who don’t pay enough in taxes to amount to squat.

Westar Energy’s 26 percent increase in the transmission charge follows a 33 percent hike in the customer charge. Americans for Prosperity paints itself as a consumer advocate in TV ads attacking former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for 15 rate hikes. Will AFP attack Brownback for these two large hikes?

So the Kansas Policy Institute believes the expansion of Medicaid is “immoral” (March 13 Opinion). What are its “moral” proposals to bring access to health care to thousands of uninsured Kansans?

It would be interesting to see what the union’s compensation package consists of for the people standing with the signs. Oh, that’s right – the union won’t comment. Shame on the union for being bullies, liars and hypocrites.

Textron purchasing Beechcraft may keep it open, but it’s yet to be seen what will be the cost in the end.

I can remember when I was growing up, my father would take my two brothers and me for haircuts. It cost $1 for all four us. Those were the good old days.

After spending $9 to go to this year’s garden show, I’m sure I won’t go back. Heavy equipment plus windows and siding don’t go in my garden. I was so disappointed.

Shame on the readers who see the Malaysian airliner tragedy as an opportunity to make lame jokes, but more shame on The Eagle for having the bad taste to print them.

My dog can sense who’s a jerk and who’s not. She barks accordingly.