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Opinion Line (March 16)

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Now is the perfect time to change the Mid-Continent name because of the new terminal. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a great president from Kansas who saved the free world and deserves to have the airport named after him.

How is it “moving forward” to rename Mid-Continent for someone who wasn’t born in Kansas, never lived in Wichita, was president 53 years ago and died 45 years ago? If you want to date an entity, name it after someone a half-century gone.

Businesses pay to brand their product with an exclusive name like Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. A radio employee suggests a lengthy name common to half the junior high schools in America, and five City Council members endorse the change. The result is we lose our identity.

If changing the name of the airport is going to generate so much money, why not apply the same logic to renaming Wichita?

I am unimpressed with city officials’ self-reported violation of the open-meetings law. It is much easier to apologize after they do as they please. Serious sanctions are in order.

More taxes in our city – this time a request to raise our hotel taxes in a significant way. Between the community improvement district taxes sprouting up everywhere and this additional hotel tax, I can no longer afford to shop or enjoy a relaxing weekend stay in a local hotel.

Will Paul Davis talk about cannabis? Are we content living east of Eden?

The legislators must think all communities are alike, because they keep passing laws telling cities how to operate to fit their conservative agenda. Why don’t they just ban city and county governments and run everything from Topeka?

I applaud Gov. Sam Brownback for keeping Kansas ninth in state rankings for lowest unemployment rate and trying to push Kansas tax structure more toward what Texas is doing. We should be a mirror image of Texas so we attract more jobs.

According to Democrat math, we are going to cover the 40 million uninsured by trying to sign up 7 million, and even then come up short. That math is never going to work out. In the process, we’ve destroyed what was the best health care in the world.

If you block a vote against pay discrimination and then wonder why you don’t get women’s votes, you must be a Republican.

Anyone who serves in an elected office should get paid the minimum wage.

We should stay on daylight saving time year-round if there are real energy savings or other benefits. Otherwise, stop the back-and-forth nonsense and stay on standard time.

With a little taste of success, WSU fans now sound just like the KU fans they complain about.

If the current proposed NCAA bracket comes true, WSU will finally get its wish to play K-State and KU (short its big man) with correct wins for all three teams. Therefore, WSU should stop its whining after the big dance this year.