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Opinion Line Extra (March 17)

The WSU basketball team deserves our praise and thanks. We thank Gregg Marshall and his assistants, for they are a team also. Marshall not only prepares those young men for the game of basketball but also the game of life.

To the fan who proudly wears the KU football apparel even though the team stinks: I’d proudly wear my Shocker football apparel if they only had a team.

Jealousy of WSU basketball success by KU fans is very unbecoming. It’s interesting we don’t see this attitude from KSU fans. Now we know why KU is so reviled by KSU.

I think President Obama is the Jimmy Carter for this generation.

Ninety-nine percent of the people in the Obama administration aren’t qualified to run a lemonade stand.

I respect John McCain for his past service, but his recent drama about the U.S. and Ukraine is unwise. We are not the funders and policemen of the world. Drop 75 percent of our money giving and international policing, and our nation can provide for its own again.

Eric Holder has it backward. Drug dealers shouldn’t be doing less time. They should be doing more. Anyone supplying that poison to society should be severely punished.

Is there any other airport in the country that will have a longer name after Wichita’s is renamed? What an unnecessary mouthful.

I have an amazing idea. We should rename Intrust Bank Arena as Dwight Eisenhower Arena. Just think of all the money and business it would bring. See how ridiculous that sounds?

It doesn’t matter what you call it or how much you spend on it, it will always be the Wichita airport and it will always be smack dab in the middle of Doo-Dah Land.

How are claims of “deeply held religious belief” substantiated objectively? Who gets to decide what defines acceptable holy texts when new translations or even new religions surface?

Legislators don’t see the irony of advancing a bill enabling Kansans to shoot each other anywhere they please while denying KU medical school’s request for the funding it needs to stay accredited so it can crank out the very doctors we’ll need to attend to all those bullet holes.

A Democrat governor in Kansas can’t raise taxes without the consent of the Republican-controlled Legislature.

I just checked my last few pay stubs and I am still paying Kansas income tax. What happened to Gov. Sam Brownback’s promise to eliminate this tax?

The person who commented about the College Hill school repair cost evidently missed the fact that a majority of the cost is covered by insurance.

What is with all the vulgarity, profanity and innuendo on TV these days? Are they totally out of talent so badly that they have to dig out of the gutter for inspiration? Shame.