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Opinion Line (March 15)

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Did anyone check to see if the missing Malaysian plane landed at Jabara Airport?

Perhaps the plane soft-landed in the jungle, and the people are eating nuts and berries and drinking coconut milk, and don’t want to come out.

When returning from Mardi Gras and driving the interstates through Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma, I noticed signs about every 30 miles that I’ve never seen in Kansas. They say: “Stay in right lane except when passing – state law.” What a concept.

I want to see tickets issued by area law enforcement for driving without headlights. Nonenforcement allows people to drive in the dark with zero lights on. Drivers know they will not be stopped and fined. Up the fines to compete with DUIs, speeding, wrong turns, etc., and enforce them.

We have a motion-detector light for our backyard so if we have intruders they will be “acknowledged.” Our neighbors have a bright light that lights several backyards and my bedroom while I try to sleep. It’s a useless use of electricity.

Nice weather brings out inconsiderate dog owners. Google Section 6.04.040 of the city code to find out how you can get that barking dog removed.

We want to get outside and push the baby stroller and walk the dog. Please make sure your dogs cannot get out of your yard and charge at us. This will end badly for your loose dog.

Defeat radicalism. Vote for a Democrat.

The public is disgusted with Congress because it gets nothing done. One person is responsible for this: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Hundreds of bills have been passed in the House, and Reid lets them stack up on his desk. Nevada should vote him out of office.

Putin didn’t get the memo. He was supposed to wait until after the election, too.

So Obama should invade Mexico because that would prove he is strong and Putin is weak because he did not stop us? Republicans forget that since World War II, invading a country has worked out worse for the invader in the long run. The same will be true for Putin.

Putin’s advantage over Obama is that Russians would not openly attack and embarrass their president at every opportunity for the world to witness. They would never engage in hostile opposition and obstructionism of their president’s leadership. To do so would put their lives at risk. That’s how true dictatorship works.