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Opinion Line Extra (March 14)

Billionaire George Soros funds a multitude of left-wing progressive organizations, so it is total hypocrisy when the left demonizes the Koch brothers.

Is Obama a president for all the people, or is he trying to be a king over all of the people?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is appalled that she and her committee, she claims, were spied upon by the CIA. My goodness – she was treated like she was, well, the American public.

The Democrats in the Senate should have been pulling an all-nighter on jobs for the middle class rather supporting their buddies’ global-warming initiatives.

Isn’t it funny how the local news doesn’t cover the Democrats the same way it covers the Republicans? I will not be watching those that do not cover all news without bias.

Legal prostitution is alive and well in Kansas. The state-owned brothel is located in Topeka, under a copper dome. Legislators are prostituting their votes to the highest bidders and lobbyists. Only the moderate Republicans, independents and Democrats can solve the problem.

I am a citizen of the United States of America. I am a resident of the state of Kansas. Kansas should pass no laws, no matter how small or petty they may be, that impinge in any way on my rights as an American citizen.

Islam is very clear in its prohibition of homosexual acts. So, if it had been a bakery owned by Muslims that refused service to a gay couple, would there have been the same uproar?

Would anyone expect or force a Jewish deli to serve him a nonkosher meal? No. You also don’t go to a car dealer and expect to buy groceries.

When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton die, maybe we will finally have an end to segregation. Red or yellow, black or white, we are all shades of “tan.”

Why and when did we designate people as non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black? And can a person be non-Italian white or black if he wants? You are what you are. You are not what you are “non-.” It seems superfluous to describe a person as non-Hispanic white, black or yellow.

What is more important – fixing our streets with all the potholes, or renaming the airport?

Check the satellite feed from Sunday afternoon. You’ll see pictures over Wichita showing a definite gold and black hue. Shocker support remains huge. I wore my gold WSU shirt on Sunday, and I’m certain it’s included in the Shocker glow. Congratulations to our hometown basketball coach and team.

The basketball successes of WSU and Wichita North High reveal the illogic of the sport journalism industry. We’re simultaneously enamored with arrogant certainty and chance, prejudging “worthy” and “unworthy” while inconsistently professing outrage at such unfairness.