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Opinion Line (March 14)

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I appreciated tea partiers’ vocal opposition to government deficits. But now that many have been elected to public office, I wonder: Why are they not livid about the massive deficits projected because of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts? Or have they just become a wing of the budget-busting Republican Party?

If you want your taxes increased, vote for Paul Davis for governor. He is an Obama Democrat.

Kansans freely elected their Legislature and like it. Most Kansans oppose the radical left-wing agenda being forced down by Washington. If Davis Merritt doesn’t like democracy or Kansas (March 11 Opinion), he is free to leave.

How to solve school funding equity problems: Have parents pay 100 percent for their own kids. Problem solved.

If USD 259 is short on funding, where did the school board come up with $5 million to repair College Hill Elementary School? The state needs to remove the unions from public education.

If the minimum wage goes to $10.10 per hour, will the people who now make $10.10 go to $13.10? Where does this stop? Is $10.10 in New York City the same as it is in Wichita?

If it says “Americans for Prosperity” you can bet it is really “Americans for Billionaires Only.”

For Lent, I would like to give up Obama. I wish he could be gone by Easter.

As long as CPAC, the Republicans and others keep hooking up their wagon to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, they will go nowhere.

The Shockers have become the Rodney Dangerfields of college basketball: “I don’t get no respect!” Like Rodney, we deserve it and we’re going to get it.

With the Shockers still rated No. 2, there is no doubt there is politics in basketball.

Where were the fans, the train engines and the nonstop news coverage when WSU men’s basketball stank? I proudly wear my KU football apparel regularly, and always have.

Last week, while we were on a seven-day cruise to the Hawaiian Islands, people asked, “Where are you from?” We answered, “Kansas.” The normal response: “Oh, K.C.” This time: “Wichita State.” It’s more global than you think.

If you’re employed, enjoy it while it lasts.